In the three years of Jesus’ ministry, he was intentional to train the 12, but more specifically, he confided in the the three.

  • Jesus orchestrated a great miracle to specifically call them into Kingdom service (Luke 5:1-11)
  • Jesus took them deeper, on special outings (Matthew 17:1)
  • He revealed to them his greatest glory (Mark 9:2–3)…
  • and his temptation (Mark 14:33–34)
  • He prayed with them (Luke 9:28)
  • He taught them things He did not teach the others (Matthew 17:2; Mark 5:37–43)
  • He even introduced them to His heavenly family (Matthew 17:3)

They were his closest friends.

And that is the kind of discipleship journey that we are praying for leaders in our church family to desire to take.

If you feel God is calling you to a more intense, more intimate and personal relationship with just a few brothers or sisters, we want to equip you for what’s next.

Please contact our Discipleship Pastor, Boe Ellis, to take a next step.