Summer Schedule

New Summer Schedule


Wednesday and Sunday nights are going to look a little different during the summer. Here is the Wednesday schedule that will be in effect from June 5 through August 28: Read more

Bible Study Core Group Leader Dessert

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher David Price is in the middle of a rather unusual situation with an umpire. Apparently, some words were exchanged between the two at a game on Sunday and Major League Baseball is presently investigating. Price claims the umpire cursed at him. The umpire claims Price is lying. While it’s not unusual for umpires and players to exchange words – even heated ones at times – what is rather unusual is for this to flare up to the point of being a news story. Read more

Missional Life Institute Spring Term


The spring term of Missional Life Institute begins Wednesday, April 3 and runs through Wednesday, May 22. Four courses will be offered during this 8-week term: Read more

Principles of Giving

Introduction to the New TestamentI am currently teaching a Missional Life Institute New Testament survey course designed to help participants understand the big ideas of each book of the New Testament. It’s a fun “dot-connecting” sort of course that moves rather quickly, while affording a few minutes here and there to drill down more deeply in pockets of each book.

As I was preparing for a recent class discussion, I spent a few minutes exploring the principles of giving found in 2 Corinthians 8-9. In light of a message Pastor Bob preached on January 27, I thought it might be helpful to walk through the following seven principles and comment how each one should impact us as individual believers: Read more

Why Should I Be Part Of Upward Sports?

Upward-Logo-2009-Color-BlueStar-RedSlashUpward Basketball & Cheerleading is now in full swing and children are registering for the upcoming season. Although it is still several weeks away, we are already in “crunch time” in terms of lining-up key leaders for this ministry. Read more

Thrive Magazine September 2012

Thrive Magazine September 2012

Super Cool Summer 2012

Coming this summer!
Information is now available for the Super Cool Summer events. Super Cool Summer begins June 10 and runs through August 19 and features six church-wide fellowship events on Sunday afternoons or evenings.

Church Directory Now Available Online

Church Directory Now Available Online

Missional Life Institute Summer Semester

Begins June 6 @ 6:30 p.m.
The summer Missional Life Institute semester offers four courses: “Evangelism” (Room 405) designed to help train individuals on how to share their faith led by Chris Haight and Joe Teasley; “America and God” (Room 300) explores the Christian values that helped form this nation led by Mike Horton; “The End Times” (Room 400) unpacks what is in store at the end of the world led by Brian Dembowczyk; and “Thriving as an Artist” (Chapel) helps artists use their gifts for God led by Kevin Cook. Register online or contact Brian Dembowczyk for info.

Summer Women’s Bible Study

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted
Mondays @ 7 p.m. beginning June 18
The summer women’s Bible study will walk through this study by Pricilla Shirer. You can register to be part of this study group online and learn more about Shirer or the study online.