This Spiritual Gifts course was designed to teach the basic biblical teaching on what Spiritual Gifts are, who has them, how a person gets them, and for what they should be used. In addition, a Spiritual Gifts Inventory is included that may help you discern your giftedness.

We recommend that you print out the handouts and then watch the five videos below. The videos will reference the notes and inventory. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Spiritual Gifts or how you can use yours, contact Pastor Bob Block.


Course Notes

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Spiritual Gifts Tabulation Sheet

Part 1: Introduction (3:01)

Part 2: Defining Spiritual Gifts (21:27)

Part 3: Worksheet Instructions (4:42)

Part 4: Gifts Overview (27:28)

Part 5: Sign Gifts [Supplemental] (22:18)