What does it mean to Dig In?

When you hear the term Digging In, think of a tree’s roots. A healthy, strong tree needs roots that Dig In deep and spread out wide into the ground. These roots not only provide the source of nourishment for the tree as they pull in nutrients from the soil, but they also provide the tree above the ground with a solid base on which to stand. Weak, deficient roots result in a weak, sickly tree.

Likewise, a Thriving disciple must have a solid, nutrient-feeding base on which to stand. This base is centered on Digging In to the Bible. Strong, Thriving disciples must be genuine students of God’s Word because it alone provides the essential spiritual nourishment and stability for life in Christ.

Why does it matter that disciples Dig In?

Most people in church are somewhat familiar with the Bible. They know many of the stories. They know many of the key verses. They have at least a basic understanding of the Bible’s main message and core doctrine.

The problem is that many people stop there. They stop feeding on God’s Word and learning more about what it means to be a missional follower of Christ. The result is that they fail to grow, stay strong, and Thrive in life. Just as a giant redwood still needs to feed, Christians need to continually Dig In to God’s Word.

How does FBC Tampa Dig In as a church?

The primary opportunity for individuals to Dig In at First Baptist Church of Tampa is through Bible Study Core Groups. These small group communities generally meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. and offer systematic study of the Bible in an ongoing group setting. Students and children have Core Group opportunities as well.

We recommend that individuals begin here, with corporate worship and Core Group involvement, because they are so foundational for a growing, Thriving, missional disciple.