Just as a tree is only as strong as its roots beneath the soil, a disciple can only THRIVE if he or she DIGS IN to God’s Word in careful study as individuals and in groups.

A tree’s trunk has to grow as the tree grows or it won’t be able to support the limb structure above.

A disciple is only as good as the fruit he or she produces by BRANCHING OUT into the community to change lives.

We strive to be a Thriving people in a Thriving church in a Thriving city.

God has placed us at the heart of Tampa, FL to be Thriving individuals in a Thriving church in a Thriving city.

This is accomplished by each person:

  • Digging In to the Word of God
  • Growing Up in the faith as an individual and part of the faith community, and
  • Branching Out to make a real difference in Tampa and beyond.